I was born and raised in Ireland, in suburban Dublin. My parents were from Kerry so there was a well-maintained connection with the “kingdom”.  I studied history at University College Dublin and Birkbeck College in London, where I settled and still live. I worked as an editor and copy-writer of illustrated partwork magazines and “family reference” books until the mid-1980s. Then I became a novelist and freelance writer, this being one of the few practicable ways of combining paid work with motherhood. The writing and publishing game has always been a bit of a gamble. In our interesting times, it’s more true than ever that “full many a flower is born to blush unseen”. I appreciate the luck I’ve had.  But even as I persist as a writer in quest of readers I am mindful of those handloom weavers, sailmakers, et al,  who were swept into extinction by the tide of technological change.

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  1. Hi Margaret, I thought you might be interested to know that in this centenary year of some women getting the vote there will be an audio documentary on Charlotte Despard on Wandsworth Radio in June and there is a campaign afoot to persuade Ballymore Group who are the owners/developers of Embassy Gardens where the US Embassy is based on the site of Currie Street Nine Elms which was one of the homes/social clubs owned by Charlotte in Battersea. I expect there will be further events commemorating her here in Battersea.

    Cheers, Jeanne

    • Many thanks, Jeanne, for letting me know about the latest developments. I lived in Brixton when I was researching Charlotte Despard – not far from her micro welfare state and the scene of her early public life. I hope to be there for the plaque.

  2. Hi Margaret, I would like to invite you to attend and speak at the unveiling of a commemorative plaque to Charlotte Despard at 177 Lavender Hill by Battersea Labour Party on December 14th at 3.30 with speeches/reception at 5.30 -8.30 at Battersea Arts Centre. Battersea MP Marsha de Cordova and Polly Toynbee will be speaking.
    Our Irish women’s group held an exhibition on her and tried unsuccessfully to get a plaque in 1986 on the site of 95 Wandsworth Road
    We are continuing our campaigning for a statue to her in Nine Elms on the site of Despard House now he US embassy.
    My email is jeanne.rathbone@gmail.com and we would love to hear from you.

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